The Virgin Mary Revealed

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More Mary in Scripture

Part 2 of 3

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Mary in Scripture

A well thought out reflection of the Blessed Mother as understood through the scriptures. First of 3 parts.

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The Cross and the Lamb

Click on the link below to hear my homily for Good Friday, April 14, 2017

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The Meal of Eternal Life

Tonight we share in the Lord’s Supper.  Before Jesus gave his life for us he gave the apostles and us the great gift of the Holy Eucharist.  It is the new and everlasting Passover meal. Celebrating and sharing the Eucharist is the Church’s most important work.

Brothers and sisters:
I received from the Lord what I also handed on to you,
that the Lord Jesus, on the night he was handed over,
took bread, and, after he had given thanks,
broke it and said, “This is my body that is for you.
Do this in remembrance of me.”
In the same way also the cup, after supper, saying,
“This cup is the new covenant in my blood.
Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.”
For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup,
you proclaim the death of the Lord until he comes.

Tonight we encounter Jesus at the table of Passover where his beloved friends ate with him for the very last time.

We are there as he gives his body and blood to those he loves.  Will you eat the bread that is his body?  Will you drink the wine that is his blood?  If you do, will you let it transform your life?

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What Isaiah Knows

What is the reward that the righteous believer obtains during life?  If you think that the answer is a stress free life, I hate to remind you that following Jesus is often a difficult challenge.  So, why would anyone choose this harder way?

The Prophet Isaiah knows.

The Lord GOD has given me
a well-trained tongue,
That I might know how to speak to the weary
a word that will rouse them.
Morning after morning
he opens my ear that I may hear;
And I have not rebelled,
have not turned back.
I gave my back to those who beat me,
my cheeks to those who plucked my beard;
My face I did not shield
from buffets and spitting.

The Lord GOD is my help,
therefore I am not disgraced;
I have set my face like flint,
knowing that I shall not be put to shame.
He is near who upholds my right;
if anyone wishes to oppose me,
let us appear together.
Who disputes my right?
Let him confront me.
See, the Lord GOD is my help;
who will prove me wrong?

The Lord is  your help and your companion.  Only he can give us a life of true happiness.

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The Stepfather of the Lord

Today is Tuesday of Holy Week.

As we move in faithful anticipation of the Lord’s passion, let us today remember and honor Saint Joseph, the beloved spouse of Mary and stepfather of Jesus.  It seems that Joseph is often forgotten when we reflect on the Holy Family, and that is puzzling when we consider his many contributions in salvation history.

Without Joseph’s courage to take Mary into his home despite her pregnancy, Jesus would have been born into disgrace and as an outcast.

Without Joseph’s willingness to relocate his family to Egypt, Jesus would have been killed by edict of Herod.

Without Joseph’s example of what it meant to be a righteous man, Jesus would not have learned how to conduct himself as the Son of his Father.

Joseph was, to put it simply, an amazing man.

Glorious Saint Joseph, 
pattern of all who are devoted to toil, 
obtain for me the grace to toil in the spirit of penance, 
in order thereby to atone for my many sins; 
to toil conscientiously, putting devotion to duty before my own inclinations; 
to labour with thankfulness and joy, deeming it an honor to employ and to develop, 
by my labour, the gifts that I have received from Almighty God;  to work with order, peace, moderation, and patience, without ever shrinking from weariness and difficulties; 
to work above all with a pure intention and with detachment from self, 
having always before my eyes the hour of death and the accounting which I must then render of time ill-spent, of talents unemployed, of good undone, 
and of my empty pride in success, which is so fatal to the work of God. 
All for Jesus, all through Mary, all in imitation of thee, O Patriarch Joseph! 
This shall be my motto in life and in death.                                                                                                      Amen.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

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