Paul and the Word

Again today we read a passage from Paul’s Second Letter to Timothy.  Paul, who is suffering persecution by the Roman authorities, complains bitterly of being deserted by some of his closest disciples.  Only his close friend Luke (whose feast day is today) stayed with him.  Paul instructs Timothy to come and to bring Mark with him.

Interestingly,  Paul asks Timothy to bring other things as well.  He asks for one of his cloaks, and “the papyrus rolls, and especially the parchments.”  It is these last things that bring us to a better understanding of Paul.  He knew that his time was nearly up, yet he remained focused on sharing the Gospel through his writings.  He understood that the study and reading of the scriptures and other sacred writings enlarges and enriches our faith.  If only we had his strength of purpose ….

All of us need to spend time with scripture every day, no matter how busy we are. To know the Word of God is to know God!

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