We are all influenced by our family, friends and associates.  Sometimes that influence is a positive energy that lifts us up and inspires us.  Other times it is filled with negativity that drags us down into pettiness and uncharitable thinking.  Do those negative interactions keep us from living as a disciple of Jesus? If they do, how can we change that?

In the Gospel today, Jesus selects and calls his disciples.  These are the men with whom he would spend the rest of his life.  They were good men, but not perfect.  Peter would deny him, Judas would betray him, and all of the others would cower in fear after his death. Jesus recognized and accepted their weaknesses, but did not allow those weaknesses to diminish his mission.  How?  He focused on doing the will of his Father.

We should do the same.  Focus on the Father.  Focus on the Son.  Focus on the Holy Spirit.  When we do that, there is no room for negativity.

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