Creation Awaits


This partial image from the Sistine Chapel fresco painted by Michelangelo portrays the creation of Adam.  The image of God reaching out to touch the hand of Adam is so beautiful as a work of art that sometimes we fail to appreciate the profound meaning the artist sought to imply.  In the full fresco, Adam is reclining, but God is stretching out to touch him, desiring to give Adam life in the Garden.

So it also is with us.  God is reaching for us, he longs to be with us.  And when finally we stretch out our hand to him and he touches us, we are brought to life, a life made eternal through the sacrifice of Jesus.  That life, revealed to us by the Holy Spirit, gives to us true liberation.  We hear that today in the first reading when Paul tells us that “creation awaits with eager expectation the revelation of the children of God.”

In the end, revelation is fulfilled in Jesus,  who is called Emmanuel, “God with us.”

I pray today that we will stretch out our hands to the God who yearns to be with us!

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