Heed the Call

“The gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.”

This opening line in today’s first reading is one of the most challenging and hopeful statements in all of scripture.  Particularly challenging to us in today’s world is our response (or lack of response) to God’s action plan in our lives.  Let’s be honest.  We know that God calls us to do his will in the world.  Probably, one of the reasons that you are reading this reflection is to help to discern his call in your life.  Why is it then that we are so resistant to actually getting on with putting that call into action?

Perhaps the answer is that we are all just so … human.  We are afraid to step outside of our comfortable life to do what we know God wants us to do.

But there is an antidote, and Paul hints at it with his talk of irrevocability.  God, it seems, is persistent.  He continues to nudge us toward his will.  We can’t escape him.  But his call is not without its own grace.  As Paul tells us, not only the call is continually given, but the gifts are as well.  Because of those gifts, we are equipped by God to be the active disciples we are called to be.  We have been given everything we need.

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    Gary – You have a really great “coffee” song! Fr. K.

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