Be Not Exalted


The first reading today from the Book of Wisdom is a sobering reminder to those who are privileged to be in a position of power over others.  The writer of Wisdom had little good to say about those put their own interests above others:

“You judged not rightly,
and did not keep the law,
nor walk according to the will of God,
Terribly and swiftly shall he come against you,
because judgment is stern for the exalted.”

We probably think that these words do not apply to us, since we generally don’t see ourselves as being in positions of power.  But is that so?  What about with our children?  Our spouse?  A co-worker we have authority over?  Are our actions directed to their best interests, or to ours?  Do we “exalt” ourselves at the expense of others?

What about the poor? The brokenhearted?  The suffering?

It all comes down to one question, my sisters and brothers.  Are we merciful?  This is the heart of the law.  If there is one thing that Jesus showed us through every action in his life, it was that to be merciful is to do the will of God.  Can we follow his example?  Can we live at the intersection of Mercy and Grace?

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