The Indomitable Mrs. Hale

Mrs. Hale

Perhaps there are a few of you out there who know the identity of the lady pictured above. She is Sarah Josepha Hale.  Mrs. Hale is famous for at least two accomplishments.  First, she wrote this rather famous book:

Little Lamb

More importantly, though, she wrote this letter:


I know, it’s a little hard to read.  It’s a letter written by Mrs. Hale to Abraham Lincoln requesting that Thanksgiving be declared a national holiday (to that point it was generally only celebrated in New England).  President Lincoln agreed, but that isn’t the most amazing part of the story.  What is truly amazing is that Mrs. Hale had been a one woman Thanksgiving holiday promoter for decades, and had written not only to Lincoln, but also to four other presidents (Taylor, Filmore, Pierce and Buchanan).  Not only to presidents, but to newspaper editors, governors, mayors, dog catchers and anyone else who would listen! Mrs. Hale came to be known as the “Mother of Thanksgiving.”

So why am I telling you about Mrs. Hale, other than her obvious connection to tomorrow’s festivities?  Well, she is someone who decided she wanted to do something that would bring families (and an entire nation) together to be thankful for the things that we have, and she was willing to do everything in her power to make it happen.

It’s this last part that really matters.  What are we willing to do to share the greatest of all gifts, the salvation we can all have in Jesus Christ?  Are we willing to do everything in our power to bring the gospel to those who need to hear it?


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