Like a Fire


One of the most inspirational figures of the Old Testament is the prophet Elijah.  He was called by God to lead the people back to adherence to the law of Moses, and away from their sinful belief in false Gods, particularly Baal.  He was certainly inspirational, but I doubt that he was a particularly pleasant fellow to be around.  In fact, as today’s reading from Sirach tells us, he was “like a fire.”  Elijah, because of his great faith and trust in God, was ultimately very successful in bringing back the people back to belief in the Lord.

I wonder how Elijah would fare among the people of today.  We are a people that doesn’t like to be reminded of instances where we fail to believe, react or act like the Christians we profess to be.  But we need those reminders, don’t we?

Can we be courageous in speaking the truth boldly in love to one another when it is necessary?  And, perhaps more challenging, can we be humble enough to hear and accept uncomfortable truth about ourselves?

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