Mercy and Compassion

In today’s gospel, Jesus becomes angry on the Sabbath when he realizes that the Pharisees are watching him intently to see if he will heal a man with a withered hand.  To do so would be considered work, which was proscribed under Jewish law.  Although his anger is great, Jesus’ mercy and compassion for the afflicted man is greater, and he heals him.

How interesting it is that this is the day that the church asks us to pray for legal protection of unborn children.  As a church, as Christians, how can we stand in silence when the lives of over one million innocent children are ended every year?  We cannot and will not.

This terrible plague of abortion makes us angry, as it should.  Keep in mind, though, that our anger, while righteous, must be tempered by compassion and mercy for those who suffer as a result of their choice to abort a child.

So pray today that all unborn children will be protected, and that those who have participated in the termination of a pregnancy can find forgiveness and peace through the mercy and compassion of God.

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