The Test


The scriptures today revolve around the ability to do what is right when faced with temptation.  The readings reveal two very different approaches to responding to the test.  In the first reading, we learn of the fall of mankind resulting from the failure of Adam and Eve to resist the temptation of the fruit of the tree that God forbid them to eat due to the prompting of the serpent. It is their pride that fails them.  Through it, they refuse to be humble before God and wish to be his equal.

Conversely, in today’s gospel Jesus goes into the desert and is tempted by Satan, but resists the cunning of the evil one by humble faith in his heavenly Father and reliance upon the power of sacred scripture.

Which approach will we utilize when we, too, are put to the test?  Will it be pride and vanity, or will we humble ourselves before God?

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  1. Will says:

    Jesus had full command of sacred scriptures which enabled Him to “pass the test.” Today’s biblical illiteracy makes it easy pickings for Satan. Put on the Armour of God which includes a working familiarity of God’s Word. If it worked for Jesus, it can work for us.

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