In today’s gospel from Luke, Jesus tells his followers that if they want forgiveness, they first need to learn how to forgive.  It seems like a simple thing, but how hard it is to do, especially when someone close to us has hurt us in a profound way.  Yet, this is the measure that we ourselves are to be measured by our Heavenly Father.

Can we do it?  Can we move past hurt to forgiveness?  Yes, but it takes discipline.

Remember, to forgive is a choice, not a feeling.  If we wait for the feeling, we’re not going to do much forgiving.  On the other hand, if we choose to forgive, the feeling comes more readily.

Make the choice today.  Forgive!

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4 Responses to Forgive

  1. kelly says:

    Forgiveness is tough. How do you know when you have actually forgiven? I often make the choice to forgive, which results in my no longer “punishing” our bringing up the transgression, but the hurt is still there. Is it not truly forgiven?

    • says:

      What a great question! The answer is that forgiveness is a gift that you give to others who have hurt you. It’s not the feeling of acceptance and moving on that you have. You know when you have forgiven when you decide not to punish or bring it up.

  2. Fr. Kunkel says:

    You can’t really help how you feel about a given person or situation any more than you can help coughing or sneezing when you have a cold. It is what you do about how you feel that makes it right or wrong. If you respond in a loving way as Jesus would, then you will find the meaning of forgiveness. If you go out and hire a hit-man, then it is very wrong and unforgiving.

  3. Ellen Marie says:

    Many years ago at a retreat, I remember the priest telling us that if it is hard to forgive, then ask God to enable us to want to forgive, if even that is hard to ask God to enable us to want to want to forgive and so on. Forgiveness is a process that happens internally and our external response makes way for that process to happen. It WILL take time, that time can be one of spiritual awakening to our own need to be forgiven…Persist and the blessing will be given!

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