Have you ever felt that you are alone?  Truly, desperately alone?  That  there isn’t anyone in your life that you can trust or depend on?

For most of us the answer to these questions is no.  We live a life that is filled with people we love, and who love us back.  But there are many of our brothers and sisters that endure lives of unwanted solitude, who suffer because they are without any relationships of reciprocal love.  Perhaps this happens because they have grown old and no longer have friends or family.  Maybe some are alone because they suffer from an addiction or compulsion that causes others to avoid them.

This Lent, this time of change and waiting for the resurrection of the Lord, is a perfect time to ease the sufferings of the lonely ones in our lives.  Are we ready to step outside our comfort zone and be a friend to someone we know who has none?  Can we open our hearts and our time to someone in need?

God’s desire is that none of his children feels that they are alone.  We are called to fulfill that desire.

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