We are reminded today by our reading of Luke’s gospel  just how dangerous it was for Jesus to speak the truth in the presence  of the religious leaders of his day.  Jesus chided those leaders by reminding them that even Elijah’s message from God was rejected by the leaders of Israel, and pointedly suggesting that they were doing the same by rejecting him. This, of course, enraged those present in the synagogue.

When the people in the synagogue heard this,
they were all filled with fury.
They rose up, drove him out of the town,
and led him to the brow of the hill
on which their town had been built, 
to hurl him down headlong.
But he passed through the midst of them and went away.

They wanted to kill Jesus.  He knew this, but continued to speak the truth openly, knowing that eventually that truth would grow within his church.  We too are called to speak the truth boldly in love, trusting that that truth will ultimately prevail despite the challenges of our time.

Be bold!

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