Straight are the Paths of the Lord


The words of the prophet Hosea greet us in today’s first reading.  The scripture reminds us that the Lord is always willing to forgive our transgressions and lead us back to his way. Hosea reveals to us the longing of God to be in communion with his people.

I will heal their defection, says the LORD,
I will love them freely;
for my wrath is turned away from them.

Are we ready to accept God’s love and forgiveness that is freely given?  And if we are, can we turn away from our sinfulness and give our lives and hearts to him?

Let him who is wise understand these things;
let him who is prudent know them.
Straight are the paths of the LORD,
in them the just walk,
but sinners stumble in them.

My sisters and brothers, let us walk on the straight path and return to the One who has loved us with an everlasting love.

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