We Are All Witnesses


God raised this Jesus;
of this we are all witnesses.
Exalted at the right hand of God,
he poured forth the promise of the Holy Spirit 
that he received from the Father, as you both see and hear.

So said the apostle Peter shortly after the resurrection of Jesus.  Peter spoke to an audience made up of those who had seen the resurrected Jesus with their own eyes.  Those witnesses were so moved and inspired by that encounter with the risen Lord that they dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel of Jesus throughout the known world.

In faith, we too have seen the resurrected Jesus.  Are we not also called to spread the gospel to the world in which we live?  Do we believe that the work of sharing the good news of Jesus is the work only of the Church?  If we do believe that, we deceive ourselves.

It is our responsibility, our individual responsibility, to be disciples of Jesus.  To be disciples in action to convert the hearts of those in need of hearing it.  Does this mean that we must knock on the doors of our neighbors and harass them into accepting the faith?  Of course not.  Faith is something that grows out of love planted in the heart by God and nurtured by another, perhaps the loving example of a friend, a family member or a co-worker.

Are you and I ready to take on our responsibility as living disciples of Christ?

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