As I read today’s first reading from the Acts of the Apostles, I realized that it had never sunk in that after preaching Jesus Christ in Antioch, Paul was stoned by the locals and left for dead.  For some reason my mind had skipped over that fact every time I had previously read that passage.  It goes to show that every time you read the scriptures you learn something new.

What is remarkable about the stoning of Paul is his reaction once he recovered from his injuries.  Did he get angry?  No.  Did he seek to get even?  No.  Did he go into hiding so that it wouldn’t happen again?  No.  To the contrary, he not only continued his preaching throughout the Mediterranean, he returned to Antioch and made many disciples in that city.

This is a good lesson for us.  Do not be dissuaded from sharing the gospel, no matter what the cost.  God’s plan for us sometimes includes being rejected.  Like Paul, we need to be persistent in bringing others to Christ.

Don’t be afraid, the Lord is with you!

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  1. Nancy Novicki says:

    Paul, a real evangelizer. Would have made a great Christ Life member!

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