July 5, 1776


On July 4, 1776, our forefathers declared before God and the world our independence from Great Britain.  On July 5, 1776, they began the arduous work of transforming the colonies into the greatest nation that the world has ever known, a nation dependent upon our deep and abiding faith in God.

For much of our history as a country we have held fast to our reliance upon the Lord and have in our most difficult times called upon him to protect and guide us.  Though we have not been immune to evil, exemplified by the injustice of slavery, we have always tried to conform our national conduct to the tenets of our faith.  That faith was tested by the darkness of Civil War and two devastating World Wars.  Yet throughout those stormy times our national consciousness was always attuned to God’s will.

Can we say the same today?  Today, when millions of innocent children in the womb are killed for the sake of convenience?  Today, when the internet, movies, games and television cause people, especially the young, to be desensitized to violence and the suffering of others?  Today, when many people cannot imagine any circumstance that would lead them to sacrifice themselves for others?  Today, when belief in God and participation in church are at an all time low?

Have we lost the vitality of faith that animated the actions of our founders on July 5, 1776?

Perhaps, but there is always hope.  Remember that God can do anything, including softening the hearts of those in the grip of the Evil One.  For our part, we must be courageous in our faith.  We must speak and live the truth boldly.

God is faithful.

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2 Responses to July 5, 1776

  1. Nancy Novicki says:

    Any suggestions? How do we get thru to those who are going thru life disconnected
    from God and those who believe in Him? There was a survey on TV where they
    interviewed young adults, who by a very large percentage, cared more about the
    results of the soccer playoffs then they did about their country! How do we get thru?
    God is becoming less important, country is becoming less important, only things
    are important. I think academia, mostly higher education, has been responsible for
    a great deal of the problem. Maybe more “preaching” to the relevant issues of the
    day might help. I just feel totally frustrated as to what to do to improve things. Of
    course, prayer, but what else? More than words, action is needed but what action!

    • Nelle says:

      Nancy, I felt the same way at Mass this evening as we sang America. The thought came to me that a small step could be to sing a patriotic song at Mass each week. While we frequently mention our country in prayers of the faithful, music and song bring feeling and memories to the surface which we could use as just a little spark to remind us that God Is not only our country, but our universe…Bless you

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