The Fruit of Piety


We have all heard of the term piety, but how many of us know what it really means? Probably the best definition of piety is having a devotion to religious practice and a reverence for God.  Most of us can relate to having a reverence for God, but some might be wary of defining ourselves as having a devotion to religious practice.  After all, aren’t we to be careful not to allow our practice to be a substitute for true worship of God?

Well, yes, but we need to recognize that religious practice done well brings us closer to the reality of God’s presence in our lives.  For instance, when we read the scriptures on a daily basis, we find that the scriptures open our hearts to new understanding of God’s plan of salvation for us.

In today’s first reading, the Prophet Hosea talks about God’s response to our piety.

Sow for yourselves justice,
reap the fruit of piety;
break up for yourselves a new field,
for it is time to seek the LORD,
till he come and rain down justice upon you.

God loves true piety because of the fruit that comes from it, namely a hunger to seek the Lord and the justice of his ways.

So practice piety today and grow in love of our God!

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