When we are desolate do we know in our hearts that God is with us?  To whom can we go when we feel that our world is torn apart?  Our friends?  Our families?  Can we trust in the mercy of God to lift us up?

In our psalm for today, we learn that this universal condition has an antidote.  It is the gracious mercy and comfort that only the Lord can give.

Fill us at daybreak with your kindness,
that we may shout for joy and gladness all our days.
And may the gracious care of the Lord our God be ours;
prosper the work of our hands for us!
Prosper the work of our hands!
In every age, O God, you have been our refuge.

Trust in the Lord when you feel that you have no hope.  Ask him for mercy, forgiveness and comfort.

In every age, O God, you have been our refuge.

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One Response to Refuge

  1. Nancy Novicki says:

    The Lord IS my hope
    He gives me life
    It’s inHim I find my true joy
    It’s in Him I find my true joy!

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