The Real War on Women

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2 Responses to The Real War on Women

  1. Mary Thomas says:

    Amen. Too many people do not realize what affect abortions have on women after the fact. While those who choose abortion think it is their best option at that time. More times than not. The what ifs haunt those women and some men who have not had a choice in the matter either. If Planned Parenthood and those other organizations really had women’s best interests at heart, they would have trained counselors at their facilities to speak to these women as part of their “process”. Unfortunately, that will not happen because that is not their true objective as I have been reading. May God bless all of these women and their unborn children so that they are able to realize the other options available to them. Have a blessed day and thank you Gary.

    • Ellen says:

      AMEN! This made me think of all the future children that die with these unborn girls. God plants our reproductive ability in our eggs from the time we are conceived! They are all innocent and forgiving and are praying for our world.

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