The Fig Tree


Didn’t have access to my video recorder, so this reflection is audio only. ¬†Click on the link below to hear today’s reflection on the gospel.

November 28, 2014 Reflection

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One Response to The Fig Tree

  1. Louise says:

    This reminded me of my mother. She had a cherished fig tree in her front yard, that produced hundred of figs every year without any special care. The fig tree was truly a miracle and gift from God. She made fig preserve’s every year and hundreds of delicious fig cookies at Christmas up until the year she died. She told us when she returned to the father one day, that we would remember her when we made our Christmas cookies with her fig preserve’s. These figs were more than delicious fruit to put in our cookies, they represented the love and faith she gave to her family every day. We all miss her so much, but the figs remind us of the love and faith she gave to all of us.

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