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Saint of Dreams

Today we celebrate the Memorial of Saint John Bosco.  His road to sainthood was inspired by dreams that he began to have when he was only nine years old! Here is his story from Catholic Online: In 1867, Pope Pius … Continue reading

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He Wields the Sickle

Another morning reflecting on Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Mark! Yet another opportunity to appreciate both the brevity and sharpness of Mark’s portrayal of the Lord and his teaching.  In today’s passage, Jesus teaches the people to be … Continue reading

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Bushel Basket

Are we hiding from our faith in Christ Jesus?  Being a disciple of Jesus can be hard at times. We are likely, in these days, to be called superstitious, foolish or worse.  Many people in our culture treat us with … Continue reading

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Spread the Word

Two things inspired this short post.  First, one of the readers of Morning Coffee recently told me that he tells everyone he knows about this blog.  He said that he wanted to “spread the word.”  Second, I was reading Ellen’s … Continue reading

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The Sacrifice that Forgives

Only the sacrifice of Jesus can take away sins.  In today’s first reading from Hebrews, the author makes certain that we understand that the sacrifices offered by the high priests of the Jewish people were performed in vain.  It is … Continue reading

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Brothers and Sisters?

The gospel we read today from Mark has been the source of disputes between Catholics and Protestants for generations.  Did Jesus have brothers and sisters?  If he did, doesn’t that mean that Catholics are wrong to believe in the perpetual … Continue reading

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Saint Timothy

Timothy is a man that we know only through the writings of his friend and companion Saint Paul.  Paul rarely provides us with any biographical information, but today’s reading gives us insight into the faith journey of Timothy.   It appears … Continue reading

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