Why is the Church so Rich?

Has anybody ever asked you about this?  Some interesting thoughts from Fr. Catfish.


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2 Responses to Why is the Church so Rich?

  1. Lee Surkin says:

    “Remember that when you leave this earth, you can take with you nothing that you have received–only what you have given.”

  2. Nancy Novicki says:

    My own personal opinion: Of course our God deserves the really best, His body
    lying on gold, His blood in a gold chalice. I think God would say you cover Me with
    gold when you do my will, obey My commandments, that’s gold enough for Me!
    Keep some of the adornment for the awe it generates but get rid of some! There
    are just too many hungry people and unsanitary conditions in the world to live
    in luxury!

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