R.I.P. Mrs. Kunkel

St. Francis Cabrini

Click on the link below to hear my homily at the funeral of Catherine A. Kunkel.

Funeral Homily for Catherine A. Kunkel, January 24, 2015

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  1. Lee Surkin says:

    Gary this was a first class, undeniably showing impressive character of yourself as a Deacon in the Catholic Church and a compassionate liaison between God and his people. You brought to life Catherine and relayed knowledge of her life that allowed us a brief look into who she was and that she has given to so many.
    You brought us all in to celebrate with your words and made saying good bye easy. It made us look at ourselves in a way to say here is the big picture, what are you doing with your life and you know that our Lord God Jesus Christ has a place for you for eternal Life! Thank you for your love and making this a glorious day.
    Vivat Jesus

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