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We can either take responsibility for initiating a close relationship with Jesus or spend the rest of our days hoping that a close relationship with the Lord develops without our effort. In our first reading today from Acts, we learn of the … Continue reading

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The Lesson of Saul

Have you ever thought that you are unworthy of God’s love because of things that you have done?  Do you sometimes think that there is no hope that you can turn away from sinful ways?  Today’s reading from Acts should … Continue reading

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The Bread of Life

My father-in-law Frank always said that you should eat to live, not live to eat.  The words of John’s gospel that we read today proves that Frank was very, very right. The crowd said to Jesus: “What sign can you … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Easter Season

A short, powerful and inspiring message!   +20

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In a profound way, John teaches us in today’s second reading that our lives as Christians must be filled with deep faith along with a commitment to live among our brothers and sisters in accordance with that faith. My children, … Continue reading

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Servants of the Lord

From the beginning of the Church there has been a need for not only priests, but for men whose primary purpose is to glorify God through service to others.  The Apostles recognized the need and called seven men into this ministry … Continue reading

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Weathering the Test of Time

Today’s scripture from Acts reveals that the Apostles preaching Jesus crucified caused great consternation among the Jewish leadership, and they were imprisoned.  However, one member of the Sanhedrin, Gamaliel, warned against treating the Apostles harshly, reasoning that if their teaching … Continue reading

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