Tobit’s Praises


Our first reading today from the Book of Tobit contains a beautiful, humble praise that Tobit gives to the Lord.  Tobit was afflicted with blindness and feared that he would never see his son Tobiah again.  But the Lord had mercy on Tobit and led Tobiah to participate through the intercession of the Angel Raphael in the healing of Tobit’s affliction.

Blessed be God,
and praised be his great name,
and blessed be all his holy angels.
May his holy name be praised
throughout all the ages,
Because it was he who scourged me,
and it is he who has had mercy on me.

The Lord scourges us, not as an act of punishment, but as a gift so that we may share in the sufferings of Christ.  Our hardships are thorns pressed into our flesh, our failures are nails that pin us forever to the cross of Jesus.

Blessed are we to share in his afflictions.

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  1. Mary Thomas says:

    Tobit is not spoken of often. the last couple of days’ readings appear new to me.

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