Walk Like An Egyptian


Today’s reading from Genesis recalls God’s encouragement to Jacob, the father of Joseph who had been sold into slavery in Egypt, to relocate in that country.  Jacob trusted the Lord and took all of his possessions to the land of Goshen, where he and his family prospered.  Can you imagine?  To move to a completely different country and a different culture.  Certainly it must have been difficult for Jacob to live in the land ruled by the Pharaohs and their pagan ways.

Israel set out with all that was his.
When he arrived at Beer-sheba,
he offered sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac.
There God, speaking to Israel in a vision by night, called,
“Jacob! Jacob!”
He answered, “Here I am.”
Then he said: “I am God, the God of your father.
Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt,
for there I will make you a great nation.
Not only will I go down to Egypt with you;
I will also bring you back here, after Joseph has closed your eyes.”

The lesson for us in this story is the obedience shown by Jacob. Are we as obedient when God prompts us to do something that we don’t want to do, or when he instructs us that we are on the wrong path?


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4 Responses to Walk Like An Egyptian

  1. Lee Surkin says:

    If you tell God no because He won’t explain the reason He wants you to do something, you are actually hindering His blessing. But when you say yes to Him, all of heaven opens to pour out His goodness and reward your obedience. What matters more than material blessings are the things He is teaching us in our spirit.

  2. Mary Thomas says:

    Food for thought. Explain the music video relevance please.

    • gdumer@dhblawyers.com says:

      Because it’s a great song and it’s fun! When I was reflecting on the reading, it occurred to me that Jacob had to “walk like an Egyptian” in order to live there. Hence, the Bangles!!!

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