The Woman I Love

Still inspirational and educational after all of these years.  I learn every time I listen to this amazing priest of God.


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  1. Jeff Kline says:

    Wonderful video, as always with Bishop Sheen.
    I hope his cause succeeds.
    I’ve been slowly reading his autobiography, Treasure in Clay.
    A couple of things I remember from it:
    He says he prepares thoroughly and rehearses for his talks so that he needs no notes.
    (And he always begins with a joke or two.)
    Also he had some interaction with FDR, whom he says he greatly disliked. (He may have called FDR a liar.)

  2. Rita Dumer says:

    Gary…..Lately, I have begun to pray for him to intercede with our Blessed Trinity for my illness. You can see why I was surprised and loved “Morning Coffee” today!

  3. Nancy Novicki says:

    My mother died when I was twelve and one of my fondest memories
    is sitting on the living room floor with her and watching Bishop Fulton
    H. Sheen! I think that was about 1952, I was 11 years old, and I think I
    was a willing participant. Mrs. Dumer, it will be a joy for me to keep
    you in prayer. May God bless you with His healing touch!

  4. Roy Steele says:

    Excellent post Gary. Can you tell me a little about Bishop Fulton Sheen? Perhaps some references?
    Prayers on behalf of Mrs. Dumer.

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