Without Blemish


We think of ourselves as flawed sinners unworthy of salvation.  But we are wrong, as Paul reminds us in today’s first reading.

Brothers and sisters:
You once were alienated and hostile in mind because of evil deeds;
God has now reconciled you
in the fleshly Body of Christ through his death,
to present you holy, without blemish,
and irreproachable before him,
provided that you persevere in the faith,
firmly grounded, stable,
and not shifting from the hope of the Gospel that you heard,
which has been preached to every creature under heaven,
of which I, Paul, am a minister.

Because of our faith in Christ Jesus we are new creations and are made worthy by his sacrifice.  So don’t lose hope. Jesus knows how hard we try to be perfect, but God does not require us to be perfect.  He only asks that we believe in his Son, who will stand before our Father and advocate for us.

He is merciful.  Never forget that.

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