The Synod and Teresa of Avila


My friends, there are all kinds of things creating discussion in our Church, not the least of which is the Synod on the Family that is currently taking place in Rome.  That meeting is creating controversy because of the suggestion of some participant bishops and cardinals that active gay couples be permitted to receive the Eucharist.  There is also talk by at least one prominent American bishop of altering the prohibition on reception of the Eucharist for both active homosexuals and divorced catholics who have remarried and have not received an annulment.  As you may know, Pope Francis has already begun the process of remaking the process of annulment to help the process move more quickly and to emphasize the spiritual benefits of the annulment process.

Please be aware that the Synod itself is not binding.  Only the Holy Father could decree these kinds of changes in such important matters.  He will receive a report from the Synod and can choose to accept some, all or none of the suggestions.  We will have to trust that God will give him the wisdom to do what is right.

In the meantime, all of us need to pray that the Lord guide our church leaders in the truth. To that end, please read and pray now the extraordinary prayer written 500 years ago by Teresa of Avila.  The prayer is powerful in its own right as a petition, but also instructs us that the Church has often dealt with difficulty and controversy that critically shaped its future.

Here is Saint Teresa’s prayer.

Prayer of St. Teresa of Avila, Imploring a Remedy for The Church’s Necessities

Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Thou art not unmerciful! I cannot think that Thou wouldst not do what we beseech Thee for the honour of Thy Son. Not for ourselves, O Lord, who are not deserving, but for the Blood of Thy Son, and for His merits, and those of His Glorious Mother, and of so many martyrs and saints who died for Thee. O Eternal Father! Do Thou see that so many scourges and injuries, and so many grave torments are not to be forgotten!

How is it, O My Creator, that such a lovable Heart as Thine may suffer, with so little care for what was done with such an ardent love by Thy Son? The world is burning! Again they want Christ to be sentenced! They want to flatten the Church to the ground, destroy Thy temples, lose many souls and take away the Sacraments! Why is this happening, My Lord and My God? Either put an end to the world, or provide a remedy for so grave an evil that spares no heart, not even those of us who are bad.

I beseech Thee, O Lord that Thou wouldst not suffer any more. That thou wouldst start that fire, for if Thou willest, Thou canst. There must be some way, O Lord! Act now then, O Majesty! Have pity on so many souls who are becoming lost, and favour Thy Church. Do not permit more harm to Christendom. Lord, make light prevail over darkness. Now Lord Now! O Lord, make the sea to calm, and aid the Ship of the Church, which navigates, in such a storm! Save us, O Lord, for we perish!


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4 Responses to The Synod and Teresa of Avila

  1. Mark Chamberlain says:

    WOW. Very Powerful. I saved and printed this Prayer of St. Teresa so that I can read it every day.

  2. Ron Bowers says:

    Thank you Gary for this post. The desperate plea of St. Theresa expresses my growing despair far better than I every could. I shall be praying it frequently.

    I have been dreading this synod since last year, knowing that the Modernists (for lack of a better term), were going to push hard to advance their objectives of weakening Church teaching. It appears that Pope Francis is either accidentally or intentionally advancing their agenda with his recent speech on decentralization. Given the aggressiveness of the Modernists, it seems inevitable that decentralization will lead to localized morality. My fear is that marriage and other aspects of Catholic faith in the diocese of Denver under +Aquila will be much different that those in Chicago under +Cupich.

    I keep reminding myself that the gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church, but it certainly seems like we are giving it every opportunity.

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