All or Nothing


As the Synod on the Family reaches its conclusion this weekend, I am left wondering how we could possibly have gotten to this point.  Perhaps some of you have the same feeling. How can it be that some of our bishops and cardinals actually advocate for those not in a state of grace to be permitted to receive the Eucharist?  Do they not recall the admonition of Saint Paul in the scriptures?  How can we be discussing whether or not active homosexual couples can be permitted to receive the Eucharist?  Why are some of our leaders suggesting that the Church must decentralize, which would inevitably result in disparate determinations on issues of faith and morals, dependent on the bishop or diocese we live in?

Some of those same Synod fathers argue that the Church needs to modify its positions on these types of issues because of current cultural or social conditions.  One glaring example of this kind of reasoning was forwarded by German Arch-Abbot Jeremias Schroder, a Synod participant, suggesting that Church teaching on homosexuality must be changed because same sex unions are considered “socially acceptable” in today’s world.

Am I missing something?  Should we now take opinion polls on current events in order to justify changing the Church’s traditional teaching on issues of faith and morals? How did we get here and what does it mean?

I understand full well that it is unlikely that the arguments of Abbot Schroder will win the day in this Synod.  They are unlikely to have the votes to enact these changes.  However, the movement to “modernize” church teaching will continue.  The media will decry any failures to alter doctrine as the work of “bigots” within the leadership of the Church. Additionally, acceptance of decentralization could well result in “new teaching” in some areas of the world, thus bypassing the traditional teachings of our Church.  So, how can this assault on the Church be thwarted?

There is only one way.  His name is Jesus, and He is the Son of the Eternal God.

It seems to me that there is a larger context at issue here than whether active homosexuals or divorced and remarried Catholics can receive the Eucharist.  Most troubling is that some seem to want changes of doctrine that has been protected from error by the Holy Spirit for two thousand years and are grounded on the reality of the divinity of Christ.

Jesus was a first century Jew, a human being,  He was also the Lord.  Given that, Jesus undoubtedly foresaw that homosexuals would one day succeed in obtaining civil rights. However, the unambiguous teaching of the Church has always been that homosexual acts are disordered, as they are incapable of engendering life.  Jesus founded the Church through Peter.  He taught his disciples everything that they would need to pass on the faith to the generations forever.  His Apostles and disciples wrote the scriptures so that there would be no doubt of the truth that resides in the Church. Jesus did not make mistakes. Jesus has not changed his mind about the true faith of the Church.  Jesus was not ignorant about homosexuality. Jesus spoke about divorce. There were certainly homosexuals in the first century.  The only logically consistent conclusion is that the teaching of the Church regarding homosexual acts and divorce was and is in accord with the divine, infallible teaching of Jesus.

There are rational reasons why some want to change the Church’s teaching on homosexual acts.  Perhaps they simply have compassion for those with a homosexual identity.   Whatever the reason, their proposals are simply not consistent with the revealed teaching of Jesus protected in the Church by the Holy Spirit.

Is the Church protected in truth by the Holy Spirit or it is not?

There is one choice.  Believe it or not.

All or nothing.

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2 Responses to All or Nothing

  1. Fr. Kunkel says:

    Gary – You really hit the nail on the head with this one!! Fr. K.

  2. Will says:

    One of your best posts ever Gary. You get to the heart of the matter. Is Jesus Lord or not? The desire of many to change or dismiss the Church’s teaching regarding sexuality and the Sixth Commandment is really a rejection of our Lord and His teaching. You are either with Him or against Him. Heaven or hell. All or nothing. The choice is ours.

    Stay bold Gary! Put on the armor of God.

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