Were the Crusades Holy Wars?

Well … were they?



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3 Responses to Were the Crusades Holy Wars?

  1. Mary Thomas says:

    I do not believe that any war is holy. Defending oneself is one thing. Going looking for trouble is another. Trying to convert someone or a people by preaching our beliefs is one thing. Killing them because they will not believe as we do is another. God will judge each and everyone of us on the day of judgment. Just a few weeks ago we heard about a mother and her sons dying before they would denounce their beliefs. We have all been appauled by what happened on 9/11 and in CA last week and in the world by the extremists. These people are supposedly doing what they think their god wants them to do to the infidels. We have become a people who believe that we are right and everyone else is wrong yet we have homelessness, out of control drug, sexual abuse, abortion and now people wanting to end their own lives rather than suffer. Where does all of the craziness end and sanity and compassion begin.

  2. Jeff Kline says:

    I recommend reading “The Glory of the Crusades” by Steve Weidenkopf (2014), and
    “The Crusades” by Hillaire Belloc (1937). They are excellent reading, correct many myths and provide broad historical perspective.

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