The God Who Removes Guilt


Today’s first reading reminds us of one of God’s greatest attributes, his willingness to forgive us and wipe the slate clean if only we ask him.

Shepherd your people with your staff,
the flock of your inheritance,
That dwells apart in a woodland,
in the midst of Carmel.
Let them feed in Bashan and Gilead,
as in the days of old;
As in the days when you came from the land of Egypt,
show us wonderful signs.

Who is there like you, the God who removes guilt
and pardons sin for the remnant of his inheritance;
Who does not persist in anger forever,
but delights rather in clemency,
And will again have compassion on us,
treading underfoot our guilt?
You will cast into the depths of the sea all our sins;
You will show faithfulness to Jacob,
and grace to Abraham,
As you have sworn to our fathers
from days of old.

We are all sinners.  The only difference among us is whether we have the courage to ask God to forgive us.  If we are stubborn or proud we are missing an opportunity to accept his mercy.  Don’t miss it, he is waiting for you with open arms.

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