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One Response to Risen

  1. Jeff Kline says:

    Thanks Gary. I second your recommendation to go see this movie.
    It’s a good movie for believers, not perfect, but probably interesting enough also to agnostics.
    I really liked the premise and plot, and the acting of Joseph Fiennes.
    The characters of Pilate and Fiennes’ aide were well done, as was joyful Bartholomew.
    I can quibble some, both about the movie making and a few scenes that weren’t entirely Biblical.
    I was disappointed that more was made of Mary Magdalene than the Blessed Mother.
    We all have our favorite portrayals of Jesus, and this movie’s actor wasn’t it.
    The opening scene of the battle with the zealots was well done, but I thought most of the exterior shots of Jerusalem were distractingly unreal; interior scenes were ok though.
    I think the final scenes in Galilee should have followed the Bible script more closely.
    Overall, I’d give it a B-, but with a strong recommendation to go see it.

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