Mary, Did You Know?

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4 Responses to Mary, Did You Know?

  1. Lee Surkin says:

    The Greatest personal commitment by a single person. We should be thankful she said YES! We all need to say YES!

  2. Rita Dumer says:

    I agree, and say YES! along with Lee.

    This beautiful musical rendition is one of my very favorites…..Thanks Gary

  3. Jeff Kline says:

    Yes, this is a beautiful song, performed beautifully, but it does contain a significant theological error that is explained in this article:
    The problem is that the song does not recognize that was conceived immaculately.
    It assumes that she was a sinner.
    The Church has come to understand that she was saved by Jesus, making her soul “full of grace”.
    Her unique salvation occurred at her conception in Anna’s womb.
    Happy Advent!

  4. Jeff Kline says:

    A further thought:
    I think this song portrays so well that Mary was not granted special knowledge of her life or Jesus’.
    She had to trust, just like all of us, that good would come out of our lives.
    She pondered things in her heart, after hearing Simeon’s prophecy at the Presentation of a sword piercing her heart.
    She worried when the twelve year old Jesus was lost, then found in the Temple.
    Mary, pray for us so that we might be able to trust like you.

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