Fatima Saints

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  1. Mary Thomas says:

    Happy to see this finally happening. These children were so full of faith and then had their faith tested by those who doubted their visions and threatened their very lives for their faith. God bless them and all of those who have followed in their footsteps for their faith in the Blessed Mother and God the father.

  2. Nancy Novicki says:

    The message of Fatima—Pray for peace & the conversion of sinners! Repent &
    be obedient to the will of God!
    We should draw peace & comfort from Our Lady of Fatima who reminded Sister Lucia
    that she was not alone in this battle. That we should embrace her Immaculate Heart &
    her rosary, as did the children of Fatima! Sainthood is possible for anyone who does
    the will of God!

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